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This site is about Mike Daly-- about his life and his music.
And this site is dedicated to Mike’s memory, but it is for you.

Over his last twenty-five years, Mike performed across the U.S. and Europe as both a soloist and as a leader of the Mike Daly Band. He loved to play and entertain whether on the streets of Paris, or a tavern down the street. In the mid-80’s, his songs were in the regular rotation on radio stations in northern Italy and southern France. In 1986 he moved to New York City and played rhythm guitar in the ethno-funk band Bangaroo. By 1991, he had become a mainstay of the folk scene in Greenwich Village.

Mike performed regularly at The Bitter End, Kenny’s Castaway, The Back Fence, The Red Lion, and The Cat Club. Playing over 100 gigs a year, he often jammed with many of NYC’s top players including Kenny Gwynn, Gordon Gaines, Jeb Stuart, Richard Lindsey, Gordon Grip, Mark West, Dave De Andrade, and Greg D’Alessandro.

  Mike Daly

Mike moved to Sacramento in 2003 and reformed the Mike Daly Band to include bassist Lorenzo Lewis, guitarist Matt Heinz, and drummer Doug Conner. Mike thought that some of his best work was recorded here. Mike had a gift of bringing people together. He continues to bring people together who enjoy listening to music. His voice still resonates with the thrill that he brought to life and remains with us through the magic of recorded sound.

This site is for all people who think that life is an extraordinary gift. It is for you. Please feel free to download Mike’s music. He would be happy that you would choose to listen.