Mike Daly


Mike Daly continued in the great tradition of folk-rock songwriters who write songs with an introspective, personal, self-reflective point- of-view as well as songs that have a more political or philosophical approach to lyrics. He questions everything, especially himself, and muses about the state of the world and our place in it. His songs have the same poetry and the same simple melodic beauty of artists like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Richie Havens, Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell, David Gray, and Damien Rice.

The “Urban,” part of his sound comes from the insistent rhythms found in his songs, which are reminiscent of the great jam bands; The Grateful Dead, Phish, and the Roots. At live gigs, his songs often took on a life of their own as Mike let his band take musical sojourns that unite both the audience and musicians in a spiritual banquet, bringing everyone deeper into the soul of the song.

Mike’s unmistakable tenor voice delivers the songs with an urgency and vulnerability that convinced audiences that he believes his lyrics in the core of his being. The audience knew they were hearing emotional truth, which is one reason audiences kept coming back. There’s a strong dose of romantic wanderlust found in his songs, particularly “Springtime in Paris”, “Mistral”, and “Horizon.” And Mike’s “hopelessly woven” in love…as evidenced in songs like, “A lot Like You,” “Without You”, and “Warmed By The Fire.”

Mike loved to play, he loved to perform. Mike’s music belongs to you and you are welcome to it.